Tuesday, October 19, 2010

UVA Child Development Center Outreach

The Hereford Minifarm is partnering with Tim Beatley's Sustainable Communities planning course to implement a local food and gardening program at the UVA Child Development Center. The project will include gardening, cooking, and related art ventures. Brian Hill and I are leading the project, with help and input from Jim Durand and Colleen Coyle. Ann Harrison, the director of the preschool, is great to work with. She is so enthusiastic about the project - it's great to have her support.

Earlier this month, Brian, Jim and I got together on a chilly, drizzly Sunday to build the first raised bed. Despite multiple difficulties, including being locked out of the yard and having to jump the fence, we were able to successfully construct the bed under Jim's guidance.

I also helped the kids plant bean seeds in plastic cups to sprout inside before being transferred to the bed. Brian and I went and helped the kids plant the new plants outside last Friday - look for an update and photos soon!

-Elizabeth Farrell

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