Monday, October 18, 2010

Hereford Garden Almanac

18 October 2010

I know that this is a busy time for all, but spend a few minutes wandering the paths of our fall garden. We hope that the beauty and peace of the place will sooth your spirit and bring a smile to your soul.

Over the last two weeks, we have had only a single work day due to the fall break. Still, a lot happened at Sunday’s work session. Keith’s Garden is now mostly cleaned out and a number of the beds are planted with vetch as a cover crop for the winter.

The kid’s program is doing great. Their bean seeds that were planted indoors in cups are up. The kids are really excited about their experience so far. The beans will be planted in the outdoor bed soon.

We planted a number of fall flowers. They really make the garden look great.

It still continues to be very dry. We have gone back to watering again. Frost will probably come soon and that will end a number of plants, but we intend to move under some hoop rows, into the green house, and in the cold frame.

We are starting to harvest the sweet potatoes. They are enormous! We are not sure how they got so big. We probably should have harvested them earlier. We are thinking of all kinds of creative ways to use sweet potatoes. Any ideas?

There are a lot of greens in now. We are enjoying thinnings or harvests of:
Turnips greens
Mustard greens
Beet greens
Lima beans
Sweet potatoes
Bell peppers
Banana peppers
Collard greens
Swiss chard

We need to have a meeting in the near future to get ideas for what to plant in next springs garden.

Please come and enjoy the beauty, and enjoy the bounty and remember to keep in fresh, keep it local, keep it at Hereford.

-Jim Durand

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