Tuesday, April 10, 2012


On February 16, 2012, the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental affairs had its tenth and final hearing on Securing America's future: The cyber-security act of 2012. [ Link Here]

    However this only comes as an additional step, in the chain of events linking to the current state of things, in regards to the cyber-security or lack thereof that the system currently faces. we need to be able to better educate people and thus increase awareness regarding cyber-security.  How do we do that ? Well the answer will depends on each and everyone in relation with how much their current position require them to make use of the cyber-net.

     That said, as a manager, we need to be able to deal cautiously with current emerging social media. Here is a very informative video which gives some very useful tips on how to handle the situation at hands :

     In my opinion it is quite useful to remember that this issue of cyber-security is one that needs to be taken quite seriously by each and everyone of us, individually. For we, as a community of users are the ones dictating, or to a certain extend affect the 'market hand' in this industry, to drive traffic, interest, and eventually profit. Thus, whether in a managerial role in a Fortune 500 company, as simply as the head of one's household, we ought to urge the members of our community to use these emerging technologies, just like they would use their notebooks. The fact that they paid hundreds of dollars for a device doesn't vindicate that they have the leeway to use of the device in absurd ways. 

If proper ethics had been followed, there would not have even been the slightest need of the SOPA and PIPA legislations. Nonetheless, we can still assure no such thing ever come into consideration. How? By been cautious of the way we interact with others via the World Wide Web.

The Department of Homeland Security offers good tips as well, on how to go about making proper use of the web. [Link Here]. I believe, as a manager, it would be necessary to have such tips not only presented to employees as they enter the workforce, but also continuously brought back up through seminars and training sessions, to assure that this concerns stays vivid in the minds of the employees. 

Technology is only going to keep going forward. Thus, as a nation, we ought to device ways to go forward as well, in an ethical manner !

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hereford Garden Almanac

24 October 2010

Although our fall continues to be a dry one, and the foliage colors seem to less brilliant than usual, our garden is really looking good. Drop over some time to check us out. This Sunday, we had a great group that worked on harvesting sweet potatoes, weeding, and preparing beds for their winter nap. Thanks to all that participated.

Although we have to water, which is usually not necessary in the fall, the lack of bugs is really making gardening a delight. Our fall profusion of greens is awesome, and we have cabbage and broccoli that are looking great as well. Also, check out the sugar snap peas that are reaching for the sky.

We need to have a meeting in the near future to get ideas for what to plant in next spring’s garden.

Please stop by to enjoy the beauty and the bounty and to scratch in the dirt a bit. It’s a great way to unwind, connect to the earth, and be reminded of what’s really important.

-Jim Durand

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

UVA Child Development Center Outreach

The Hereford Minifarm is partnering with Tim Beatley's Sustainable Communities planning course to implement a local food and gardening program at the UVA Child Development Center. The project will include gardening, cooking, and related art ventures. Brian Hill and I are leading the project, with help and input from Jim Durand and Colleen Coyle. Ann Harrison, the director of the preschool, is great to work with. She is so enthusiastic about the project - it's great to have her support.

Earlier this month, Brian, Jim and I got together on a chilly, drizzly Sunday to build the first raised bed. Despite multiple difficulties, including being locked out of the yard and having to jump the fence, we were able to successfully construct the bed under Jim's guidance.

I also helped the kids plant bean seeds in plastic cups to sprout inside before being transferred to the bed. Brian and I went and helped the kids plant the new plants outside last Friday - look for an update and photos soon!

-Elizabeth Farrell

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hereford Garden Almanac

18 October 2010

I know that this is a busy time for all, but spend a few minutes wandering the paths of our fall garden. We hope that the beauty and peace of the place will sooth your spirit and bring a smile to your soul.

Over the last two weeks, we have had only a single work day due to the fall break. Still, a lot happened at Sunday’s work session. Keith’s Garden is now mostly cleaned out and a number of the beds are planted with vetch as a cover crop for the winter.

The kid’s program is doing great. Their bean seeds that were planted indoors in cups are up. The kids are really excited about their experience so far. The beans will be planted in the outdoor bed soon.

We planted a number of fall flowers. They really make the garden look great.

It still continues to be very dry. We have gone back to watering again. Frost will probably come soon and that will end a number of plants, but we intend to move under some hoop rows, into the green house, and in the cold frame.

We are starting to harvest the sweet potatoes. They are enormous! We are not sure how they got so big. We probably should have harvested them earlier. We are thinking of all kinds of creative ways to use sweet potatoes. Any ideas?

There are a lot of greens in now. We are enjoying thinnings or harvests of:
Turnips greens
Mustard greens
Beet greens
Lima beans
Sweet potatoes
Bell peppers
Banana peppers
Collard greens
Swiss chard

We need to have a meeting in the near future to get ideas for what to plant in next springs garden.

Please come and enjoy the beauty, and enjoy the bounty and remember to keep in fresh, keep it local, keep it at Hereford.

-Jim Durand

Friday, October 1, 2010

Apples Galore!

Elaine's Cooking Class Update

For session 3, we cut up zillions of apples from a local orchard, cooked them, pureed them in a food mill, boiled them again and poured them into mason jars. Then we sealed the pints and placed them into a water bath where they bubbled away. We also made a scrumptious apple crisp which we enjoyed while the apple caldron steamed and hissed. At the end, each student left with a pint of homemade apple sauce made from scratch by a very tried and true tradition! Next week, the class divides into two groups for a cooking contest! Each will be provided with the same ingredients just minutes before class and must produce an outstanding main dish and a dessert within a specified time. Then the feast will begin with independent judges determining the winning team! Buon Appetito!

-Elaine Durand