Friday, October 1, 2010

Apples Galore!

Elaine's Cooking Class Update

For session 3, we cut up zillions of apples from a local orchard, cooked them, pureed them in a food mill, boiled them again and poured them into mason jars. Then we sealed the pints and placed them into a water bath where they bubbled away. We also made a scrumptious apple crisp which we enjoyed while the apple caldron steamed and hissed. At the end, each student left with a pint of homemade apple sauce made from scratch by a very tried and true tradition! Next week, the class divides into two groups for a cooking contest! Each will be provided with the same ingredients just minutes before class and must produce an outstanding main dish and a dessert within a specified time. Then the feast will begin with independent judges determining the winning team! Buon Appetito!

-Elaine Durand

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