Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This morning I went up and worked on weeding Keith's Garden....it needs some SERIOUS help (no offense Keith). After Weedon, can we all spend an hour or two in Keith's garden? I think maybe we should try to edge the garden in some places to keep back the grass because I could barely find the tomatoes and beans. Also, someone left a tray from seedlings in the middle of the plot and it has collected water. I went to move it and found a sea of maggots underneath. Not sure what to do about that.... Also there are some mushrooms I noticed. I don't know how to combat those either, because isn't it an underground system? Finally, there is definitely something eating the squash plant up there. Which organic pest concoction was supposed to combat the squash bugs? Sorry to pile a lot on at once, but I was pretty overwhelmed by the task up there.

see you all this evening,


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