Monday, July 26, 2010

raspberry planted

What a delightful day for gardening today.The early showers that ran throughout most of the day greatly helped with watering. Upon meeting with Elizabeth, we were able to till the soil, weed it, and turn it over. Upon it being readied, the soil welcomed the new raspberry plant into our toad-filled garden. Now the raspberry lives happily for ever with the newly planted four lemon grass shrubs.

Amongst other news, I would like to take this moment to welcome into our midst, Leo. Welcome! As we wish all the best for the future to one of ours-- Keith-- we yet welcome other great ones-- the Durand family and Leo. Great people just seem to flow within our midst.

I must point out that history was made yesterday as world collided with Keith and James taking on Leo's orientation. With such great counsel, you sure are to be on a path of success, Leo,

That's all I had for you. Le votre, Joel

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