Tuesday, July 27, 2010

response weeding and maggots

You are certainly right Elizabeth. There is a lot of weeding to do.
>>At this time of the year, it can get discouraging because bugs really
>>start to crowd you, it gets hot and dry, and the only things that
>>really thrive are the weeds, fungus, mildew, critters, etc.
>> I like your plan. lets try to get Weedon in decent shape as quickly
>> as possible, and then attack Keith's Garden. Hopefully we will have
>> an industrial strength weed whip soon to keep the garden edged.
>> In terms of mushrooms, maggots, and other generally undesirable
>> organic things, scrape them up with a shovel and either throw them
>> into the woods, or put them into the center of a compost pile (dig a
>> hole into the center where hopefully its very hot and the "stuff"
>> will get decomposed and neutralized).
>> Jim

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