Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hereford's Italian Cooking Class

The Hereford short course: "From garden to table...Italian style" cooking class launched its first meeting Thursday evening. The "guest of honor" was our garden's first butternut squash of the year! With the addition of a few other squashes from Krogers, seven class members made pasta from scratch, formed ravioli and stuffed them with spiced butternut squash, made a delicious sage-butter sauce and topped the fabulous creation with fine parmesan cheese!

We enjoyed great conversation as we got to know each other:four vegetarians (two of whom are vegan) along with the rest of us carnivores! What we all have in common is a love for gardening and cooking...especially preparing fresh, local, scrumptious foods straight from the garden! We also enjoyed muffins made from one of our own pumpkins, herbs and salad additions all from the garden.

We look forward to more culinary adventures in the weeks to come!

-Elaine Durand

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