Monday, July 6, 2009

...Where it all came from...

I just thought I would put forth a little of my own story; my mini-farm story. I was quite new to the "Art" then, thus, please do not be so harsh on the judgment.

I just cannot wait, however, for the whole garden to be covered entirely with fresh green 'lives'. Everything just look so much better in green.

What were your first experiences like?! I wish to know. Whatever the case may be, it never too late to do something green to save mother Earth. Thank you, Hereford for understanding that.


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  1. I remember your first plot, Joel, it did very well!

    My first attempt at a garden at Hereford was half the size of the current upper garden. It was started three summers ago, in mid August. It was very late to plant and everybody said it wasn't worth it. But I got some basil and made lots of pesto, and spring was really something to look forward to!

    We've come a very long way since then. So much to learn... so much to eat...