Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New mounds

The new mounds in the middle garden are now installed with pumpkins, watermelons, eggplant (likely an unfortunate trap crop for these two), and several beneficials including nasturtiums, yarrow, marigolds, and oregano.

Special thanks to our new interns Leo and Joel, and to Chen who has taken the involvement of Brown College into his own hands.

In other news... our year's first zucchini was harvested, from the bed adjacent the greenhouse in the middle garden:

I shall personally savour this first zuke tonight with pesto and linguini.

The top row of peas in the top garden were removed after finally becoming bitter after several weeks of fantastic production.  They were replaced with cherry tomatoes well started.  The new bed was supplemented with basil and pickling cukes.  Borage flowering in this bed (and many others) remains very strong and beneficial.

Thai peppers were added to Nancy's experimental biodynamic tomato row in the top garden.

Jim and Elaine will likely dismiss their (now bitter) peas from service next week and start napa there.

I discovered some unplanted bean starts and distributed those amongst the amazing fish-fertilized corn in the lower garden.



  1. Keith! This is awesome! A blog! Great idea.

  2. We've got a bunch of watermelons forming now too!